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One question I have been asked a lot lately is: Can you mix wood tones? My answer? Absolutely! By following a few simple guidelines, mixing wood tones in a space can be visually appealing and make it feel more warm and cozy, all while giving a nod to sustainability. Combining different wood tones and textures […]

Get Cozy with Mixing Woods: A How-To Guide

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So, you have a blank wall and you just don’t know how to fill it. You don’t want to hang a painting, or you want to try something different. Choosing wall decor for your home involves considering your personal style, the theme of the room, the available space, and the overall ambiance you want to […]

8 unique decor ideas for your walls

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We all have heard of fast fashion. You know, being able to buy on-trend clothing quickly and at lower prices. We can find it everywhere. It is made in large quantities to meet the high demand for the newest fashion trends. It is instant gratification, usually more affordable. The thing is, easily attainable, cheap and […]

A Problem Called “Fast Furniture”

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When you own a house, there is always something to be done. Unfortunately, our budgets don’t always allow for the projects we want to complete. That is what happened with our bathroom. Ever since we moved in three years ago, I wanted to redo our upstairs bathroom. At that point I just wanted to paint […]

My mini bathroom reno

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Never be afraid to express yourself. Especially in the walls of your own home. Too often we get caught up in wanting to look the way we think we should, and the same goes in our homes. We hear about trends, see all of the pretty pictures in magazines. And sometimes we get caught up […]

How to show your personality through your home


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