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When you own a house, there is always something to be done. Unfortunately, our budgets don’t always allow for the projects we want to complete. That is what happened with our bathroom. Ever since we moved in three years ago, I wanted to redo our upstairs bathroom. At that point I just wanted to paint […]

My mini bathroom reno

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It is Mental Health Awareness Week, and I thought it would be a good time to share my story.  I am an open book about my mental health struggles. Why? Because I want to inspire others to be too. This is how we continue breaking the stigma.  So here it goes.  Back in elementary school […]

My Mental Health Journey

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Never be afraid to express yourself. Especially in the walls of your own home. Too often we get caught up in wanting to look the way we think we should, and the same goes in our homes. We hear about trends, see all of the pretty pictures in magazines. And sometimes we get caught up […]

How to show your personality through your home

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I recently picked up this Jett 3 drawer chest from Structube as a floor model. Phew! Because I did NOT want to have to build it myself!! It is so reasonably priced to begin with and was the perfect piece to add to my little studio. So how did I style it? I knew I […]

My cozy little boho chic corner

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 So what does it mean to be “trendy”, or “in-style”? And how important is it? Truthfully, it isn’t. Some may disagree with me, and that is totally fine! But I personally think there is too much stress about staying on-trend, and buying what is in style. This can get quite costly for you, and in […]

Let’s talk about being “trendy”

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I’m going to get real with you here for a minute, then we will be onto the fun stuff. I promise! I was never planning on pursuing Interior Design before. I actually went to school and for Child and Youth Studies, and was in the field for 10 years. Making the transition from Child and […]

Here’s to new adventures!


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